Welcome to the portal. This portal offers you translation support for multiple languages and applications.

The Home page is divided into three areas:

  • the top area, represented as tabs, selects one of the main services offered by
  • the main area is used by the selected service;
  • the bottom area contains some general links and information.

The top area

Here you can select between the main services offered by, represented as tabs:

  • Text (default) allows to translate a portion of text.
  • Chat opens a chat channel.
  • Webpage supports the translation of a whole web page.
  • Search translates a search request and launches an internet search.

Click on one of the tabs to select the respective service.

The main area

The main area is used by the different services. Depending on the service, it will adapt its content. You can select the respective services by clicking on one of the tabs in the top area of the site: Text, Chat, Webpage, Search.

The bottom area

The left part of the bottom area shows the members of the consortium. By clicking on one of the logos, you can learn more about the respective partner.

The middle part offers some general information on the website and consortium. In the Press Room you can read news and events concerning Click on one of the links for more information:

  • About us is a description of the consortium and its partners.
  • By clicking on Contact us, you can reach the help desk of the portal, using email communication.
  • Terms of use contains the terms under which you can use the services, including IP and liability issues. It is important to know these terms: by using the services you accept them! So please read them carefully.
  • Privacy Policy explains the policy of regarding the data you upload and translate. Unlike other translation portals, keeps full privacy of your data. Details can be read in this section.
  • Copyright presents you the copyright information of the portal.

The right part of the bottom area indicates that the launch of the service was initially funded by the European Commission.