Buy translation quotas in our webshop. Character packages enable you to use them in any of the applications below.


iTranslate services is based on number of translated characters. Select the required size, where 1 M stands for 1 million characters.

Payment type

Select between one-time purchase and an automatically renewing subscription.

Free trial
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* 0% VAT is applied for companies with EU VAT number (except Hungary)
  0% VAT is applied for customers outside the EU
  27% VAT is applied for EU taxable persons and Hungarian companies
  local VAT applied for EU companies without EU VAT number

About Shopping

Any usage of translation tools, API and language pairs require a package of characters to buy. We have different sizes of packages ranging from the minimum of one million characters. Any package can be used for any kind of service and for any language pair. Choose the appropriate size of package depending on the expected traffic. One translation subscription can be used for 6 months starting with the date of purchase. You can also subscribe to our services. To make the payment more convenient for you, the subscription will be renewed automatically if the quota runs off.

The process of shopping

  1. To buy a product in our webshop you will be requested to register.
  2. After submitting the requested information you will receive a confirmation e-mail. After confirmation of your email address you will be able to login. Every registered user gets an API-key of which you can only have one. The character package bought in the webshop increases the quota assigned to your API-key. You may buy more than one package at the same time, but all of them will increase the same API-key quota.
  3. After selecting the requested quota and the type of payment you can start to purchase characters.
  4. Here you will have to read and accept our Terms of Use. More details given below.
  5. Next you might be asked to submit additional information. The required information will be necessary to create your Invoice. Your data will be saved and will not be requested again when you use the webshop. However, you will be able to correct any of your personal information in case it has been changed or mistyped.
  6. As a next step you will be redirected into PayPal where you can pay for the service.
  7. Your successful payment will be confirmed and you will be redirected to our webpage.
  8. You will be shown a link to the My API-key page where you may check your quota of usable characters assigned to your API-key.

The language of webshop

Please note that our website is localized to several languages. However, the localization may not be perfect and complete. To avoid problems from such discrepancies the Terms of use are available only in English language. Similarly the default language of PayPal will be English, however, it can be changed to some other available languages.

Support services are supported by email. You may send your requests or suggestions through our Contact Page or by sending it to All requests will be answered in 24 hours at the latest.

VAT and other fees

0% VAT is applied for companies with EU VAT number (except Hungary) and customers outside the EU. 27% VAT is applied for EU taxable persons and Hungarian companies. Local VAT applied for EU companies without EU VAT number. All other fees in connection with your purchase (e.g. costs of money transfer) are paid by the merchant. The shipment of the product is free.
All purchase generates an invoice. Invoices are electronically signed, time stamped PDF documents that are generated automatically. Invoices can be downloaded from your personal page anytime after the purchase as long as your account is valid. The invoice is generated for free. Please fill in your personal information correctly as the invoice will contain this data. The price of submission of a new invoice with the corrected data is 5 EUR.

Means of Payment

All payments should be done through PayPal. PayPal provides two ways of payment. If you have a PayPal account then you can login and pay with it. If you do not have a PayPal account then you can pay directly with your credit or debit card. PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.

Money back

Customers not having started the consumption of the purchased quota may request the money back within 14 days without any reasoning or cost.


The purchased quotas (either paid by one time payment or subscribed) can be used as long as the same volume of characters are not translated. If a license paid with a one-time payment will not be renewed within 6 months, it will be automatically terminated. Users will be notified by email one week before the termination. If you renew it then your characters will be usable in the next period according to the conditions laid down in the Terms of Use accepted for this next payment. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed when expired. You can cancel your subscription anytime, the characters you paid for remains usable, cancellation stops only the automatic renewal.
If you have a subscription you cannot buy more characters, neither with one-time payment nor with subscription. As your subscription will be automatically extended when expires. However you may cancel the subscription and buy more characters or subscribe again (e.g. for a bigger package)
In case of any reduction in translation services (e.g. a language pair will not be available anymore as a partner stops providing it) confirmation will be requested when the reduced service affects the services specified in your Terms of Use. To defend you from overcharging subscriptions are not renewed if the expiration by usage happens in less than 1 day after the purchase.

About Terms of Use

This agreement specifies our terms between the user (or buyer) and the service provider (or reseller merchant). It also gives you the detailed list of translation services and language pairs to pay for. Please check the language pairs important for you in the Terms of Use. Some languages are available on the free website but are not for sale in the webshop.
Please read the terms carefully, as it is a legally binding document for both parties. The terms and services may change, but your terms are kept unchanged until the termination of the service. You can access the accepted version from the website when logged in. You may save and print your Terms of Use anytime and use it in your accountancy together with the invoice.

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