The SDL Trados Studio plugin provides a translation memory and automated translation functionality to Trados Studion through services. Trados Studio 2009 and 2011 are supported.
Download installer and the user manual PDF.


Installing the Plugin

WARNING! In order to install the Plugin, Trados Studio and SDL services are to be closed and stopped. After installation do not forget to restart the Services.

To install the Plugin double click on the Installer file for the installer to start. Follow the instruction of the installer. On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the operating system might prompt for confirmation of the installation. Answer with yes.

First step of translating a document

On the Home screen of SDL Trados Studio, by clicking on the “Open Document” button, a window will be presented to the user. In order to utilize the translation memory, it has to be added to the list of translation memories.

First time use of the Plugin

When the Plugin detects that it is being ran for the first time, it will guide the user through it's configuration with a simple 2 step wizard. On the first window of the Configuration Wizard, simply click on the “Next Step” button.

Specify the API Key

The second step of the configuration wizard is where the user needs to input his or her API Key. That API Key will be used by the Plugin to communicate with the services. Click on the “Finish the config” to close the window and finish the configuration of the plugin.

Translation settings

Once the configuration of the Plugin is done, the user is to select the source and target languages (only if there are multiple language pairs available for the given document) for which the Plugin will download a list of translation providers that is available to ITranslate. For that language pair the selected providers will be used by the Plugin to conduct the translation.

Available translation programs

By selecting the translation programs for ITranslate and adding them to the right box, the selected translation programs will be used to offer translations for the segments of the document. If more than one programs are selected, alternative translations will also be provided. Click on button “Use these settings” to start editing of the document.

Translation (Editor) Window

In the editor window, for each alternative translation, the program is also shown. This way the user can easily differentiate between programs and select the ones that give the highest translation quality for the given source and target languages.