The integrated Firefox add-on for allows you to translate any texts on any web sites between several laguages using alternative machine translation systems from leading European machine translation companies. This add-on simplifies the usage of the machine translation portal in Firefox and Thunderbird. The power of becomes available at a single click through a small, user-friendly interface. The plugin is compatible with Firefox version 4.0 or above.

Add it to your Firefox.

Add it to your Thunderbird

Switch it on…

  • using the Tools menu,
  • using the right-click context menu,
  • clicking the icon ()
  • or pressing Ctrl+M (cmd+M on Mac).

The add-on appears as a narrow frame at the bottom of the browser window, as it can be seen in the picture below which presents an example translation from Russian to English.

Usage: after selecting the source and target language, type in the text, and click Translate.

In addition to typing or copypasting, text in the browser window can also be simply selected and put into the box by drag&drop or by pressing Ctrl+Q (cmd+Q on Mac). The latter selection based methods provide the translation immediately (without clicking Translate) if the On the fly checkbox is on.

Essential feature of that it employs several machine translation alternatives to make it easier to understand the original text. The translation variants – three different in the case of Russian to English (see picture above) – appear below each other. Hovering the mouse over the name of the translation provider pops up.