memoQ is a translation environment by Kilgray Translation Technologies. Machine Translation in memoQ is supported by plugin from version 5.0.56 onwards. To get the latest version you may update it from memoQ downloads.

1. The plugin is listed and can be enabled on the Tools / Options / Machine Translation page in memoQ.
2. To use the plugin, an API key is needed. You can register and generate a trial api key here. After clicking Options on the above screen the API key should be given in memoQ.
3. Thereafter, machine translations appear on the memoQ grid screen on the right below Translation results. These translations can be moved to target language cells with one click. An English–Russian example can be seen below.
4. There are many language pairs where site employs several automatic translation services. Presently, exactly one is available in the memoQ plugin. It can be selected which one to use in Settings (after logging in with the registered user who owns the API key). The next screeshot demonstrates this for the German–English language pair.
5. Automatic machine translation can be used not only interactively but also in pre-translating a whole file. It becomes available checking the Use machine translation option in the configuration dialog of pre-translate.