This program will allow you to translate to favourite language your chat messages in Skype, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and Microsoft Live Messenger, called the Instant Messengers, or IMs. When the program has started, it will watch your IMs for incoming messages. After receiving a new message, the iTranslate4 Helper will intercept and translate it. Then you can write the answer in your language, and the program will translate it to the other user language and send it.

In order to work properly, please use only the latest and official versions of the IMs. This program is still under development and new versions will appear often. The program will auto update itself when new version is available.

1. Download the Instant Messenger plugin from Chat plugin download (version
2. Run the downloaded program.
3. Before opening the program will demand an API key. You can request it by clicking on the button ,,Request your API key” under the blank field.
4. If you get your API key just copy it into the blank field and click on the ,,Done” button
5. Open both programs (iTranslate4 Instant Messenger Translation and Skype/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ) on your computer. You will receive a request on Skype (if Chat is used with Skype) from the Chat program. Allow access.
6. In order to send messages open the window of iTranslate4 Messengers Translation. At the bottom of the window select the users’ language manually.
7. To start a chat with your partner enter your message in the window of this program. To send your message press Enter or click on the "Send" button. After making the settings you can use directly the window of Skype. In this case put the window of iTranslate4 Instant Messenger Translation in mini mode.
8. The other user is not required to install this program. Your messages will be sent in both translated and original text.
9. You can chat with several partners at the same time. If you use this window and you want to change chat partners click on the tabs above showing the names of your partners.